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Miniature Goldendoodle

History of Breed

Miniature Goldendoodles were initially bred in the 1990s. They inherited their calm and gentle trait from their Golden Retriever father and their intelligent trait from their Miniature Poodle mother. This breed has grown in popularity and makes a perfect family pet who trains well and loves his family.

Personality and Temperament

The Miniature Goldendoodle has an affectionate, sweet, gentle, and happy personality. This breed enjoys the companionship of their family and other dogs in the household. They seek your attention and care and show it by giving the same back. They make marvelous family pets and adapt well to apartment-style and conventional style housing. With Miniature Poodle and Golden Retriever parents, both known for their amazing qualities, the Mini Goldendoodle is sure to fit right in with your family and other pets.

Appearance and Grooming

Daily brushing of this breed’s coat is very important for his well-being. A good routine to get into is a quick morning brush when he wakes up, a bi-weekly bath, and monthly nail clipping. This will allow your pup to look and feel great and is a great way to assure long-term health. This breed can be found in a variety of colors ranging from red, black, sable, tannish brown, and cream tones. Their beautiful colored coats tend to glisten and are certainly eye-catching. This breed’s coat ranges from flat to tight curls.

Care and Feeding

Miniature Goldendoodles should be fed twice a day at about the same time. Two to four total cups of food each day will help this dog stay fit and have ample energy. The actual amount of food will ultimately depend on his activity level, size, and age which means it will fluctuate throughout the years. Never forget the importance of routine teeth cleaning, which should occur three times weekly. Like anything, the more you do this, the easier it becomes for you and your pup.

Breed Size and Life Expectancy



Interesting Breed Facts


Fact: This Miniature Goldendoodle is known for its ability to aid humans as service dogs and seeing-eye dogs. They have been of great assistance over the years for people that have Autism, PTSD, and anxiety issues.


Fact: The Miniature Goldendoodle is a good swimmer and enjoys splashing in the pool with his family. They actually enjoy any outdoor activity time with their family and love playing with other dogs.


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